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12 Lead Magnet Ideas to Successfully Build your Email List!

May 20, 2021

Lead magnets! The email opt-ins we all know and love but may not now how to implement! Insert: Lead magnet ideas.

Lead magnets are an incredible tool in your marketing strategy for building out your email list and generating sales. Often times we opt-in for a freebie or a discount code or something that is FREE in exchange for our email address.

This method of growing your consumer base is absolutely important for a few reasons, but the main reason being, it is allowing you to have a direct line of contact to your future consumers or current consumers that is 100% your own.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of focusing on their followers on social media, but we can’t guarantee that these apps will stay here forever. If one day Instagram tanks, you no longer have a following or a way to access your follower base. This is why it’s so important to prioritize building out your email list through lead magnets. To make sure your leads are reaching the right people, make sure your SEO Strategy is working well for you!

In order to capture the attention and desire of your target audience, we need to provide a freebie that provides a solution to their problems, but is also true to your brand identity. For more info on how to make sure your brand is visually performing at its best, check out how to Create and Impactful Brand Identity.

In addition, I highly recommend making sure your businesses’ profit plan is strategically clarified, so every decision you make from a marketing and scaling stand point makes perfect sense.

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12 Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Business Growth

1| eBooks

eBooks are a great way to show your expertise while providing optimal value in one. Whether you work in marketing, travel, food, hospitality, fashion, writing, etc. an eBook can be super beneficial in growing your email list quickly with your ideal audience. Utilize these as a glimpse into your other products or services and let it work as a lead generator as well.

2| Email Courses

Email courses are as straightforward as it gets and are a great way to start introducing your name in their email feed. You can get super creative with this and provide 3-7 days worth of content.

Keep emails packed with info, don’t over elaborate, and link back to your site. Try to tie in blog posts that are relatable or resonate with the topic or circle back to services you offer. Make it organic and not too “salesy”, but also make sure you are positioning yourself in a way that lets your audience know, YOU are the most savvy.

3| Checklists

If you have an amazing checklist that simplifies someones life, they will want it. Whether it’s a beginners checklist for blogging or how to clean your home in 1 hour a day, whatever it may be, make sure it is useful and ORIGINAL. Do not copy any you find on Pinterest.

4| Planners: Digital or Printable

Creating a planner, digitally or not, is so simple now with tools like Canva. If you have a system that works well for you and you know others would enjoy, make it a freebie! Find a way to then create a better version for purchase and boom, lead generating at its finest.

5| Cheat Sheets

What in your industry can you teach others about through a cheat sheet? Whether it’s terminology, a process, or steps to take to accomplish something, create a powerful cheat sheet and send it out!

6| Workbook

Instead of a larger freebie like an eBook, a workbook is another great lead magnet idea that offers solution-based information and helps position you as an expert in your industry. Make it visually pleasing and effective in the problem you are solving or assisting with.

7| Webinar or Masterclass

This is a great tool as a pre-launch/pre-sale offer. Host a masterclass or webinar that delivers a small snippet of information and value that leaves your audience wanting more, which then can then purchase and sign up for!

8| Scripts or Swipe Files

While these two are pretty much the same, having files or scripts that are “fill-in-the-blank” are very helpful for businesses, especially when starting out.

Titles, captions, social media content, call-to-actions, selling in DMs, warm messages, whatever copy you have tried and tested and know to work, create a file and make it a freebie!

9| Templates

If you have some simple social media templates that your audience would benefit from, those can be a freebie too! Sharing templates on Canva is beyond easy!

10| Resource Library Access

Do you have a resource library on your site? If so, make it password protected and use it as a lead magnet to build your email list! Resource libraries are gold mines for information. If yours is worthy of peoples emails, then use it!

11| Community Access

Similar to the resource library, if you have a Facebook Group that is very community-based sharing information, tips, tricks, and is a great networking space, again, make it private and use that as an email list building opportunity.

12| Quizzes

Personally, I think quizzes are probably the easiest and more enjoyable way to give my email address away. I love quizzes. If you can create a great quiz that is either career-related or entertainment-related, it will impact your email list a TON!

There are so many other lead magnet ideas, but the biggest thing to consider is if it’s worthy of someone giving you access to their email address! Spam emails or overtly “salesy” emails will not get you far.

Focus on relationship building and providing undeniable value and the rest will fall into place.

What are you favorite lead magnet ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

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lead magnet ideas


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