Your website and web design for your small business hold so much valuable content for your viewers and target audience. I always judge a business off of its website. Maybe that’s harsh, but if you can’t position yourself visually as an expert online, it greatly impacts the first impression! There are so many parts that […]

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June 7, 2021

10 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs: Web Design for Your Small Business

website needs

Lead magnets! The email opt-ins we all know and love but may not now how to implement! Insert: Lead magnet ideas. Lead magnets are an incredible tool in your marketing strategy for building out your email list and generating sales. Often times we opt-in for a freebie or a discount code or something that is […]

Digital Marketing

May 20, 2021

12 Lead Magnet Ideas to Successfully Build your Email List!

lead magnet ideas

Search Engine Optimization is such an important part of your overall marketing strategy. For those that don’t know, an SEO strategy is your plan of action to getting ranked better on the mecca of online searches, Google, and sites of the like. Ranking better (or having your content reach the front page or top of […]

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March 31, 2021

My Easy SEO Strategy: 12 Simple Guidelines for Beginners

easy seo strategy

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