One big component of your personal brand, is the visual styling and visual appeal you present to the world through a brand photoshoot. You see them all the time. Gorgeous environments, super cute outfits, hair looking like a TEN, honey and I love it! Personal brand photoshoots are such a great way to visually tell […]


June 24, 2021

Planning a Personal Brand Photoshoot

brand photoshoot

Your website and web design for your small business hold so much valuable content for your viewers and target audience. I always judge a business off of its website. Maybe that’s harsh, but if you can’t position yourself visually as an expert online, it greatly impacts the first impression! There are so many parts that […]

Branding, Digital Marketing

June 7, 2021

10 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs: Web Design for Your Small Business

website needs

When you first have the initial thought and idea for a venture, brand, company or endeavor, that spark of excitement can drive you forward into planning and thinking about how to go about creating said idea and having it come to fruition. But as you continue going down the laundry list of to-do’s and ruminating […]


March 18, 2021

How to Create an Impactful Brand Identity

brand identity tips

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