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How to Avoid Burnout with Work as a MOMpreneur: 6 Tips for Securing Success

Apr 29, 2021

Burnout with work as a mom… It’s inevitable!

When you’re a mom and you’re trying to start a business or nurture the one you already have, wow is it tough. You have to really sit down and get clear on your schedule, tasks, and priorities, while managing the entire household, am I right?!

I am a career-driven person. Always have been, but once I became a mom, my focused shifted. Like yours as well I am sure!

As a single-mom, it’s so much harder, but it’s not impossible. It just means I have to get very creative with the time blocks I do have, which are rare.

Burnout is something I know well, so let’s just jump to the point and share all of my tips on how to avoid it as a busy mompreneur trying to secure the bags, honey!

1| Anti-Burnout Clarity Session

Every Sunday I like to get super clear on what my prioritized tasks are for the week. I clarify what is time sensitive, what is going to help push me closer to my goals, and what is necessary for growth. This is ultimately how I avoid burnout with work.

I build out a loose schedule because, hello Mom life, and I prioritize my tasks by most important to least.

Also, I try to set my focus for each day. For example:

Sunday’s: Social media content creation – I create or plan my content for the week and make sure I know what I am posting every day. I save writing captions for the morning of while drinking coffee and I post at the same time every day.

Monday’s: Monday’s are just not my favorite so I use this for doing things that don’t require the most from me. Answering emails, checking my site for updates, future idea planning, brainstorming new content, etc. I use this day as a set-up day for the rest of the week.

Tuesday’s: Tuesday’s I ramp up the energy and try to knock out any client work, work on batch creating blog posts, and focusing on top priority tasks.

Wednesday’s: Wednesday’s are for scaling my business. I like to schedule most Discovery Calls or meetings on this day.

Also, I test out and nurture any lead generating activities, I focus on engagement on social media and building relationships with others. I am not a sales-driven person so I honestly just focus on making friends.

Thursday’s: Batch create content, work on offers and future product launches, client work, any remaining tasks.

Friday’s: Miscellaneous.

Saturday’s: NO WORK ALLOWED!

Does each week look like this? Hellllll to the naw, but It helps me try to keep my brain focused which is so hard as a mom when chaos is ensuing around you.

2| Daily Check-Ins

Some days are just shit shows. Maybe it was an all-day toddler tantrum day like mine usually are and you couldn’t sit down for more than 5 minutes. Check-in with yourself and see how you feel. If you’re frazzled, tired, and spent, then don’t push it. Maybe take the night off and get some work done on a Saturday. Shuffle the load around to give yourself grace on the days where you really just need a mental break.

3| Set Boundaries!

Your loved ones know you love them, so setting boundaries will not affect that. If you see someone calling and you choose not to answer, guess what… BOUNDARY INITIATED! Good for you mama!

Boundaries will save your sanity because you can’t be there for everyone whenever they feel like they need you. It’s not fair. So set the boundaries and cherish your YOU time.

I will never answer calls or texts during my alone time once my child is asleep. I don’t have time to cater to everyone else when my body and soul is SCREAMING at me to cater to them.

Initiate boundaries, communicate them effectively, and allow yourself to do what you need to avoid burnout with work.

4| Work Out

You knew it was coming… But it is so important. Your stress levels reduce significantly from exercise and that is what we need!

You don’t have to work out every day, but to reduce the feelings of burnout, we need to get our mind right. Go for a walk, run, do yoga, pilates, dance, whatever it is that works for you, get moving 3-4 days a week.

burnout with work

5| Get Comfortable with Investing into Your Business

Investing into your business is crucial for avoiding burnout from work and for scaling. Whether that is investing in software, CRM’s, apps, outsourcing work, or hiring a coach like myself, these are all investments that will pay off in the end and help you scale your business more effectively.

Be OK with putting money back into your business and back into yourself.

Put those fab shoes on hold and use that money to invest in something that will impact your long-term gains.

6| Have Patience

Something I had to get real with myself about was the fact that because I don’t have all the free-time in the world to devote to my business, I have to have patience and focus on my small wins and the long run versus sprinting through.

Your journey may take a little bit longer, but that’s OK!!! There is no deadline to success. Get focused and organized, but allow things to take a little more time than you would prefer.

Having a business is full of frustration and discouragement, but it is also massively rewarding. Be ok with things taking their time and focus on the marathon.

| *Bonus

Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s! All we see on Instagram and social media is super attractive marketing. Marketing rooted in FOMO.

How many times have you seen someone promote their 6k business plan or post their income reports to encourage leads? It’s sexy AF to see money moves, but it’s not always sustainable and it’s not always real.

Those are strategic marketing strategies. Comparing yourself to someones strategic move doesn’t help you.

Focus on yourself and your own journey.

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