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I serve and empower creative entrepreneurs on their  small biz journey through intentional design and kick ass strategies.

I have 11 years experience working in marketing and design in a myriad
of industries.

my experiences have shaped me into the
person I am today and have given me
real-life education that can translate
into any niche.

luckily for you, i love to share
and help see others thrive while living
out their dreams. 

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i'm sasha monique.

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I spent the greater part of my life extensively training as a dancer in hopes of becoming a professional dancer. I’m talking 6-8 hour training days, 6 days a week. After spending over half of my life training, I ended up getting injured and had to stop dancing. This was shocking for me. My entire life plan just ended and I had no alternative plan. 

With going pro no longer being an option, I decided to go to FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and chose my major of Visual Communications. From there I embarked on a two year journey of working my strengths and weaknesses and finding passion in simply creating beauty. That was honestly it. I loved creating pretty things. 

I focused my intentions on merchandising and marketing and off I went. My career started in visual merchandising and quickly took me to designing retail spaces all across the country. With that, I was also helping retailers understand their demographics, psychographics, and target consumers which allowed me to fine-tune their product offerings to better improve their sales. Within that chapter of my life I was helping companies land HUGE sales partnerships with big name companies and also teaching 250+ retailers how to utilize the power of merchandising and visual storytelling. 

Six years later I was ready for something new. I made the decision to just take a chance, leave my job, and see what landed in my lap. I went through a few different industries, but ultimately my focus was the same… advertising, marketing, graphic design/web design, and social media (try saying that three times fast!).

Within this focus I’ve helped numerous businesses and companies fine tune their branding, get clear on their marketing strategies, improve their web traffic and more. Ultimately I’ve helped them grow and scale by finding their unique attributes and building upon that. It’s something I do best, find the uncommon denominator within their industry and turn it into their greatest strength.

My uncommon denominator is that I have the perfect balance of book smarts, street smarts and innovation. It’s this little magical concoction that allows me to leverage a brand or business by using the core fundamentals of my industry, with a mix of priceless experience, shaken up with my Aquarius ideas. It’s pretty neat. 

I believe there is more to your story than what you can currently imagine. Whether you are wanting to start a business or your current business has hit a stunt in its growth, I truly know that you and your business are meant to succeed, because honey, there is a place at the table for EVERYONE. If it wasn’t true, our economic offerings wouldn’t be so vast. All it takes is the right support and the right know-how to get you from A to B and I’ve got the map with the most direct route, Siri won’t be yelling “redirecting” every five seconds, you feel me?!

It’s time to take a chance on yourself because your ideal future is on the other side of that leap.

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it's time to leverage your unfair advantage and embody your entire brand visually, mentally and epically. 

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