You can never solve a problem on the level in which it was created.

Our mission is to educate, empower and create with your goals in  mind. Every brand has different goals, but that doesn't change our approach. 

It's simple, really. You have goals and targets, we have the strategies and know-how to get you there. 

Are you ready to get to the next level in your business? It's time.

Sasha Monique Creative Studio is home to the visionary entrepreneur looking to leave an impact in the lives of those who work with them and the industry in which they reside. 

They are determined to lead with integrity, compassion, and creativity leaving their clients inspired and moved. 

Sasha Monique Creative Studio welcomes you home.



Brand Strategy Expert & Designer, I have been working in the field for over 10 years.  My career started in retail development and merchandising  after obtaining my degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

I focused my intentions on merchandising and marketing and off I went. My career started in visual merchandising and quickly took me to designing retail spaces all across the country. With that, I was also helping retailers understand their demographics, psychographics, and target consumers which allowed me to fine-tune their product offerings to better improve their sales. Within that chapter of my life I was helping companies land HUGE sales partnerships with big name companies and also teaching 250+ retailers how to utilize the power of merchandising and visual storytelling. 

Six years later I was ready for something new. I made the decision to just take a chance, leave my job, and see what landed in my lap. I went through a few different industries, but ultimately my focus was the same… advertising, marketing, graphic design/web design, and social media (try saying that three times fast!).

Within this focus I’ve helped numerous businesses and companies fine tune their branding, get clear on their marketing strategies, improve their web traffic and more. Ultimately I’ve helped them grow and scale by finding their unique attributes and building upon that. It’s something I do best, find the uncommon denominator within their industry and turn it into their greatest strength.

My uncommon denominator is that I have the perfect balance of book smarts, street smarts and innovation. It’s this little magical concoction that allows me to leverage a brand or business by using the core fundamentals of my industry, with a mix of priceless experience, shaken up with my Aquarius ideas. It’s pretty neat. 

I believe there is more to your story than what you can currently imagine. Whether you are wanting to start a business or your current business has hit a stunt in its growth, I truly know that you and your business are meant to succeed, because honey, there is a place at the table for EVERYONE. If it wasn’t true, our economic offerings wouldn’t be so vast. All it takes is the right support and the right know-how to get you from A to B and I’ve got the map with the most direct route, Siri won’t be yelling “redirecting” every five seconds, you feel me?!

I'm here to do one thing, that's scale your brand in a way that is aligned to your goals. 

i'm ready for this

Sasha was truly a joy to work with. She’s highly skilled, gifted, and knowledgable in all things branding, web design, and content.

She makes her clients feel comfortable and secure in the whole process. Although I had a plethora of questions—lots of questions, I might add—she answered each one promptly and made me feel comfortable in my journey of rebranding.

I highly recommend her—she will take your vision to the next creative level. She is truly a visionary at heart and will make your ideas come to life. 




What clients are saying...




What clients are saying...

Working with Sasha was absolutely great. It was such a great time and she is very attentive, communicates extremely well and I think that is the most important part of working with her. She makes sure that there is open communication throughout the entire process. 

She is also extremely artistic and she knows her craft. She knows her area of business. It’s amazing. 

I’d have a great time, as I hope she has as well, as I’ve been very nit picky and she’s delivered on all of it. I really appreciate all the time that she has put into my website and I’m so excited for everyone to see it. 




What clients are saying...

I had the absolute BEST experience working with Sasha of Sasha Monique Creative Studio. She made me feel extremely comfortable with the timeline and and process. 

When working with someone on a project as special and personal as your business website design you hope and pray that the designer truly understands you vision and she just does! She gets it, I was amazed by how after answering just a few questions and showing a sample she came out with a design that was so ON BRAND for me. m 10/10 totally recommend! I’ll definitely be reaching back out to her overtime as my business expands and the capacity of my site changes. Book her before she's booked out!  Thanks sooo much Sasha!!


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