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10 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs: Web Design for Your Small Business

Jun 7, 2021

Your website and web design for your small business hold so much valuable content for your viewers and target audience. I always judge a business off of its website. Maybe that’s harsh, but if you can’t position yourself visually as an expert online, it greatly impacts the first impression!

There are so many parts that go into a great website, but today I’m going to be breaking down the top 10 items your website HAS to have in order to help scale your business and build more trust for your ideal clients and consumers.

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Get that notepad and pen out! School is in session!

1| Website Domain

Seems pretty obvious right? I see so many people screw this part up. People get way too lax about their domain when that is one of the most important attributes your site has!

Having a domain that is easy to understand and remember with a .com is always the best bet. If the .com isn’t available I would suggest thinking of a different domain so you don’t get lost against the company or person who has the .com domain.

Sometimes paying more for a domain that is legible and easy-to-read is worth it in the long run.

2| Web Design

My favorite part! Web design for your small business needs to be branded. Even if your brand is simple and minimalist, your website is a huge part of your brand identity and branding assets.

There are so many platforms and ways to make your site look great from website templates, to using Wix, or hiring a web designer like myself! Don’t skimp out on the design!

Make sure you are using your brand colors, your logo variations are high-res, your images are high res, you are using stock photos that are free or paid for, and your images reflect your brand perfectly.

Be sure to keep your site clean and easy to navigate and if you want to chat about a FREE website audit, smash this link.

3| Brand Message

When you visit a website, the first thing you normally want is to figure out how to identify the brand or business. Clearly stating your brand message at the top of your website is crucial for doing just that.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporation, clearly state who you are, what you do, who you serve, and why they would benefit from you/your company.

4| An Easy-to-Navigate Site

A great website is one that is not too distracting, clearly directs the consumer where you want them to go, and is full of information that is easy to find.

It’s important to remember that most people only have an attention span of about 12 seconds when it comes to social media, websites, etc. That means that you have to get all your golden nuggets (ie. captivating copy, call-to-actions, resourceful information, and valuable content) in front of their faces within that time.

Key points for this section are:
– Clear call-to-actions
– Attention grabbing copy that provides solutions and value almost immediately
– Easy to find links

5| Client Testimonials/Reviews

Yelp was created for a reason. People need to build trust through knowing what they can and can’t expect from a company and business.

Including reviews and testimonials on your website will absolutely increase the likelihood of converting that lead into a client or consumer.

Not only does it help give people an idea of what to expect, they also get to be reaffirmed by others that you are experienced and an expert worth giving time to.

Don’t go too over the top with reviews, but 3-5 is always nice and provides enough evidence that you are the real deal.

6| Call-to-Actions

I mentioned this earlier, but having call-to-actions on your site is crucial for building out your email list, booking consultation or discovery calls, providing people with tangible assets immediately, in addition to directing your website visitor to the places they will benefit from most.

Often times people click on a site and leave immediately (increasing your bounce rate) because they didn’t know what to do on the site. Maybe the information was hard to find, maybe their questions weren’t being acknowledged, etc. Think of your site as a virtual tour to your business, how do you want people to navigate it? Use call-to-actions to help facilitate that tour.

7| Contact Information

Have your contact info easy to find! Preferably on its own page but also in the footer! People like to know how to contact you and providing that info clearly is how we get our ideal clients and consumers off our website and into our Client Relationship Management system.

8| Search Engine Optimization

Homie, said what?!

Search Engine Optimization is almost as beastly, if not more, as its name, but it is crucial. “SEO” is how search engines like the mecca that is Google, help rank your website to increase traffic to your site.

Optimizing images, having a proper website speed, using targeted keywords, conducting keyword research, and having a well documented sitemap are some of the ways to boost your SEO efforts.

I’m going to step away from deeply explaining what SEO is and direct you to my Easy SEO Strategy so I don’t make this post extremely long. In that post I give you my 12 step strategy for beginners so you can start implementing proper SEO techniques now!

9| The “About” Page

I understand that not everyone loves getting their pictures taken, but honestly having a picture of yourself or your team, makes a huge difference in gaining people’s trust and their business.

Also, including a through out bio of yourself and your team helps as well! As a website visitor, I want to know the people behind the brand. I want to feel a sense of knowing them before I even meet them.

10| Quality Content!

Last but not least, putting out quality content even just once a month makes a big difference in getting traffic to your site. Obviously the more content the better, but you always want to prioritize quality over quantity.

My biggest pet peeve is when I go to a site, see they have a blog, but the last blog post was from 2015. I would have suggested removing that blog back in 2015, or updating the content more recently to reflect the current times.

By utilizing Easy SEO Strategy and creating quality content, you are building your traffic and building up your reputation on the internet which is what we want!

Have any questions? Drop a comment below or send me a message! I’m here to help.

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