the glow-up coaching program

your upgrade moment.

if you're at a place in your life where
you know you're destined for more but
unsure on how to bring that vision to life,
this is for you. 

wherever you are in your business journey, this 1:1 coaching program will clarify your path, give you a direct roadmap of the steps needed, and push your creativity to find your success with creativity and personality.

yaaas! i'm ready!

the glow-up coaching program

you have all of these ideas and they light you up but you are unsure on how to navigate the structure of implementing them. you're tired of constantly creating content that rarely gets engagement and you are confused on where you'll find your next client, right?

You don't have to be. With my 1:1 coaching program you'll gain clarity, strategy, accountability, and an action plan that makes you feel organized, accomplished and relieved.

hi friend!

i'm sasha monique

 brand strategist, web/graphic designer, and business coach. safe to say i wear a lot of hats.

i have spent the past 11 years working in marketing at all angles. my career started by designing retail spaces and working with retailers across the country understand their demographics and fine tune their product offerings.

after 6 years of designing physical spaces, i ventured into publishing and advertising working with graphic design clients, web design clients, and physical and digital marketing strategies. 

i'm here to do one thing and that is help others fly. i am damn good at finding crafty solutions to increase brand awareness and i know i can do the same for you. let's werk.


the glow up experience

weekly 60-minute zoom calls for 8 weeks.

initial audit of all platforms and assets to find strengths and weaknesses.

breaking down current business plan and rebuilding to focus on clarity and longevity.

fine-tuning and recalibrating brand messaging to activate audience retention and interest.

marketing action-plan customized and tailored to your industries' psychographics and data.

refreshing or building-out product suite to address the needs of your ideal consumer avatar.

focus on analytics, mindset, scalability, and more.


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schedule sessions

click the link below to fill out your application to work with me. i simply do this to make sure we will be a good fit for one-another.
once approved, you'll select a date for your introduction call.

prior to our first call, i will have you send over all of your branding assets  so i  get a jumpstart on seeing where i feel like your strengths and weaknesses lie. this allows me to properly assess without hearing any reasons or explanations.

during our first call you will set your weekly call schedule where you'll have 60 minute zoom sessions 1x a week for 8 weeks. 
in-between those calls you will have access to me via Honeybook, Voxer or DMs.

send over assets

your investment:


payment plans available

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this program is perfect for you if:

+ you are making 5k or less a month.

+ you are full of motivation but unsure where to drive that energy.

+ you feel stuck and confused on how to build and grow effectively and efficiently.

+ you are ready to just give up on your dreams and succumb to corporate nonsense.

+ you are needing some accountability and an easy-to-navigate plan to take your ideas to reality.

+ you are wanting to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors in a way that is genuine to you and your personality.

it's me! i want it!

frequently asked questions

01 | why should i choose you?

02 | how long will we work together for?

03 | i need help with everything! do you offer design and coaching bundles?

04 | do you offer payment plans?

05 | what takes place in a discovery call?

06 | how long until i see monetary results?

i have over a decade of experience working for others and working for myself. i know what works, simply put. from securing HUGE brand deals in my corporate jobs to successfully building my business up quickly, i can help take you from overwhelmed and stressed to living your best. period.

that depends on which program or service you choose! I take 2-month commitments for coaching clients, but this can be renewed every 2-months. For design services, on average 2-4 weeks (unless you're on a tight deadline).

i do offer bundled services on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of design work needed. send a message and let's chat.

absolutely. i offer monthly or bi-weekly payment options at the moment.

discovery calls are a super casual way for you and i to get to know each other, understand your needs, and make sure we are a good fit! there is no pressure, just two people chattin' about goals.

no one can guarantee monetary results. if they do, run. your timeline is dependent on you. i can give you the tools you need to succeed and the education you need to make good decisions, but your progress and your journey is simply up to you and how badly you want it (or need it).

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