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let's chat!

let's chat!

let me guess...

you've been working your business into the ground but for whatever reason, it's not resonating. 

whether it's your website, your content, your marketing, your products, or your brand identity, something isn't sticking and you're damn near over it...

that's why i'm here! to help you scale your business and elevate your brand to give it the "boss up" moment you've been waiting for.

it's time you take your dreams and turn them
into reality.

I'm ready, are you?!

well, good news!

mama, hip-hop head, bookworm

let's do this.

my FREE value-packed checklist for helping you make sure you site is 100% ready for launch! from design, to seo, to missed opportunities, this checklist is the REAL DEAL.

the ultimate website chekclist for a successful launch

yes please!

the ultimate website checklist for a
successful launch

hey friend, i'm sasha.

designer and biz strategist

 brand strategist, web/graphic designer, and business coach. safe to say I wear a lot of hats.

I have spent the past 11 years working in marketing at all angles.

My career started by designing retail spaces and working with retailers across the country understand their demographics and fine tune their product offerings.

After 6 years of designing physical spaces, I ventured into publishing and advertising working with graphic design clients, web design clients, and physical and digital marketing strategies. 

I'm here to do one thing and that is help others fly. I am damn good at finding crafty solutions to increase brand awareness and I know I can do the same for you. Let's werk.


design services

1:1 coaching

vip day mentorship

whether you're in need of a website designed, a logo, social media content, marketing materials, custom illustrations, or more, my years of experience will help leverage your visibility and awareness within your business. let's bring those dream designs to life!

my 1:1 coaching program we will ditch the overwhelm and get you clear and focused on an entire business strategy that works for you. from mindset, to clarity sessions, to designing your brand & formulating a fully-functional business, you will leave my program ready to scale exponentially.

if you are feeling stagnant in your business and needing a strategy day to
re-focus your efforts, my VIP day is for you. we will spend a virtual day together, look at each weak point in your business and turn it around. you will end the day with a custom strategy plan and new found motivation.

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nice words from clients

I was having trouble with positioning myself within the scope of my expertise because my website didn’t highlight me as the industry expert. In my first consultation with Sasha- she asked me what did the relaunch of my website signify? I cried like a baby- because it signified years of hard work. Never in million years did I think I would have such a beautiful website. Sasha was not only patient with me throughout the whole design process but even afterward she guided me through each page on my website plus some backend work. I feel so confident to charge my asking price without doubting myself. I owe it to Sasha. I am so in love. I stare at it daily. You’re the best. You have no idea how this website has impacted my confidence. Thank you! 

- aundra willians

nice words from clients

I always knew that I was going to be in good hands when I reached out to Sasha for my web design needs. Not only was she organized with her processes, she was also so quick to make any adjustments or assist me whenever I had any questions about anything. Also, my schedule is all over the place and when I would return to her with edits during all crazy times of the day, her turnaround time was very impressive. I'd reccommend her to anyone needing web design or branding services - I can't say enough great things about her or my experience!

- ariana sanchez

nice words from clients

Hiring Sasha as a brand coach has been the best decision I could have made in starting my own company. Sasha strategically formats a 12-week program curated to the likes of your business. She educated me about the field I was looking to get in, helped me to see what has worked and what has not proven beneficial with companies like mine in the past and really got me to think outside the box for a more unbiased approach towards the functionality of my ideas- all while continuing to honor my opinion and business mission. If you want a strong foundation for your business to grow upon and flourish, I strongly suggest Sasha as your brand coach to help you and your company reach its upmost potential.

- j.s.

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